North American Smoked Salmon w/ Capers 12
Sautéed Fresh Squid
Spicy Fried Chicken 9.75
Gyutan Shioyaki 9.75
Grilled beef tongue w/ salt
Kaki Fry  Fried oysters 9.25
Assorted Tempura 9.25
Shrimp and vegetables tempura
Mentaiko Omuretsu 7.5
Soft egg omelet w/ spicy cod roe
Kashiwa Senbei 7.5
Light buttered chicken breaded house style

Spicy Cheese Fries 7.5
Buta Kimchee
pork w/ kimchee and vegetables
Vegetable Tempura 7.25
Potato Croquette 6.75
Calamari 6.75
Takoyaki 6.5
Octopus dumplings w/ tonkatsu sauce
Garlic French Fries 6.5


Smoked Salmon & Avocado 9.75
Shabu Shabu Salad
Mixed green and pork w/ponzu or sesame dressing

Spinach with Bacon and Boiled Egg 8.75
Tofu Salad 6.75
Mixed green and tofu w/ miso dressing


Beef Curry with Rice 9.25


You Can Also Add Any of These Toppings:

Hamburger Steak 3.75
Pork Cutlet 3.25
Chicken Cutlet 3.25
Spicy Fried Chicken 3.25

Bacon and Egg 3.25
Croquette 3.25
Calamari 3.25
Fried Fish 3.25

Omelet 3.25
Vegetables 3
Mozzarella Cheese 3
Spinach 3



Japanese Interpretation of an Italian Classic

Meat Sauce 9.75
Meat sauce w/ Garlic Mayonnaise 10.25
Hamburger Steak Choice of Curry or Meat Sauce 12.75
Chicken or Pork Cutlet w/ Curry Sauce 12.50

Enoki Mushroom & Chicken w/ Soy Sauce Butter 11
Tarako (Cod Roe) 11.50
Tarako and Kimchee 12.50


Japanese-Style Risotto/Casserole Dish, Simmered in Your Choice of White or Tomato Sauce

Bacon & Egg 10.5
Bacon & Mushroom 10.5
Broccoli & Mushroom 10.5

Shrimp & Mushroom 11.5
Shrimp & Baby Scallop 12.75


14.75 (Served w/Rice & Miso Soup)

Japanese Style Hamburger Steak w/ Oroshi Sauce (Grated Radish)
Fort St. George Style Hamburger Steak w/ Meat Sauce
Breaded Pork or Chicken Cutlet Topped w/ Tonkatsu Sauce
Japanese Style Fried Chicken
Teriyaki Chicken

Saba Shioyaki Grilled Mackerel
Fried Cod Fish
Vegetable Tempura
Vegetable Croquette
Agedashi Tofu


Bowl of Rice Topped w/ the Following

Katsu Don 11.75
Pork or Chicken cutlet w/ egg and onion
Oyako Don
Chicken, egg and onion 11.25
Ten Don
Shrimp & assorted veg tempura
Vegetable Ten Don
Assorted veg tempura
Unagi Don
BBQ eel 14.75


Fried Rice

Omurice 10.25
Ketchup flavored chicken rice topped w/ soft omelette
Yakibuta Chahan 9.75
Japanese style of fried rice w/ pork and vegetable


Udon -Wheat-Flour Noodles / Soba-Buckwheat Noodles

Nabeyaki Udon 14.25
Hot pot of udon w/ chicken, prawn, egg and vegetables
Tempura Soba or Udon Warm tempura soba or udon  12.50
Zaru Soba or Udon 9.5
Choice of cold soba or udon noodle with a dipping sauce
Tempura Zaru soba or Udon 12.50


Egg noodle w/ Chicken Broth

Shoyu Ramen Soy Sauce Base Noodle Soup 9.5

You Can Also Add These Toppings:
Boiled egg 1.5
BBQ Pork 3.5


Tempura Ice Cream 7.75
Mochi Ice Cream 6.5
Green Tea Tiramisu 7.75

Special Drink

Cream Soda Melon, Strawberry, Mango, Cherry 4.75
Mixed Fruit Juice 4.5
Banana Milk Shake 4.5
Coffee Float Iced Coffee Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream 4.5